Into the Wild – or into Hell?

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I know a lot of people who do end up going to Alaska are so very inspired by the movie “Into the Wild”. The movie where you follow Chris MacCandless into his tragic death. Starvation. Every year lots of people are traveling to Alaska, with several goals of course, and one of them is to get to that bus. That bus where Chris MacCandless starved to death and later was found dead, about twenty something years ago. Why? Well I don’t really understand why. With the size of Alaska and the beauty of the state you would think you would want to go somewhere else. Every now and then one or two people drown in the Teklanika river trying to get to that bus. Just to get to THAT bus. I think it’s sad. Here is an article that talks about the “Into the Wild” phenomenon. If you are thinking about hiking to this bus I seriously encourage you to read it.

The Cris MacCandless Obsession Problem

Some other articles talking about Chris MacCandless:

How Chris MacCandless Died

Kris Krakauer goes further “Into the Wild”

If you want to see the bus from the movie however, an old city bus from Fairbanks, it is now outside the 49th state brewery outside Healy, just north of Denali.

And for you who really want to go to Alaska, here are some awesome easy places to go:


  • If you want to be on the water you can continue on Richardson Highway until it meets Denali highway and then drive towards upper and lower Tangle Lakes. Also in the middle of nowhere. Upper Tangle Lakes is basically a set of lakes where there is a lot of portage involved.

Upper Tangle Lakes

  • You can also do Lower Tangle lakes and Delta river, but it requires a lot more river experience. It has a short stretch of Class II-III rapids, and some Class II rapids. But it is absolutely beautiful.

Upper Delta River

  • Talkeetna, practically the town where all climbers fly in and out from to conquer Denali. Some succeed, others don’t. But the town itself is really interesting. And if you get tired of all tourists you can go on your own little hike, somewhere off the road, or just sit by the river.


  • Denali highway is kind of like Denali, but without all tourist buses. You can park your car almost anywhere and get out, into the wild. There are campsites along the way.

Denali Highway


A few recommendations. But hey, Alaska is so big, it would take forever to write about everything you could do. Easier to write about what you shouldn’t do, that is visit the bus where Chris MacCandless starved to death.

As with everything, you shouldn’t get out into the wild unless you are prepared. If you decide to hike in the backcountry, chances are pretty big that you will run into a bear at some point, or a moose. Wolves, a lot more rare. I saw a wolverine once, that is really really rare. Just know what to do before you get out, and practice scenarios about what you would do, when that bear encounter happens. Whatever you do, don’t run.

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