-30C Again

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And now we are here again.

Temperatures are suppose to drop down to -35C to -40 tonight and tomorrow, right now we are down to -30C. The city of Fairbanks have declared disaster, because of the ice storm we had last week. 15000 house holds lost power, some just recently got it back, and about 400 homes are still without power. Not all of them are lucky enough to have a woodstove. I didn’t loose power, but If I had I could have used my wood stove to cook food and heat the cabin. Last time I used the wood stove to cook food was last year, when temperatures got down to -50. The propane, which fuels the stove and oven, usually stops running at around -40…But at least I have a microwave, crockpot and wood stove.


This morning it was about -24 as I was waiting for the sun to rise. I generally don’t like skiing when it’s too dark, cause I am terrified of running into a moose, because yes the moose here is a lot different compared to what I was used to in Sweden.

Blue Sky

I always get so Happy when it’s pretty outside, no matter what the temperature is. I usually get more cranky if it’s really hot compared to really cold..

Usually we tend to have blue sky and sun most of the time during the wintertime, that is one of the main differences compared to winters in Sweden, or at least Stockholm….

Sun on the ski trails


The weather forecast calls for -35C to -40 degrees tonight and tomorrow, but we will see how low it really gets. Either way I am going to ski to work again, the roads aren’t plowed enough to bike, so skiing is just a better mode of transportation right now. I hate biking in snow, cause it compares to biking in sand….too exhausting. Besides I need to practice for that ski race I signed up for. 25 miles into the wild I guess. Well not really the wild. I think it will be fun!!

Have a nice week, and stay warm!!

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