I Think we are in a Wolf Den

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After finishing up one of my experiments we looked at the clock and decided that we would have time to go and scout out a new research site for my friends experiments. We had talked about continuing on the trail that leads to the watershed my research is in, but much further away. That trail is not well traveled and the forest was almost taking over the trail as it was. And sure enough that is exactly what the forest did a couple of miles in. The whole trail had eroded down to form a thermokarst. We decided to keep on hiking instead and left the ATVs at the end of the trail .

Beaver dam

The burned forest



dammed area

The whole area was really surreal, everything looked really spooky and it almost felt like a fairytale, well if you don’t take into account the mosquitos of course…

Frozen ground

We were walking around all of these ice overflows, pretty cool, well also because it was the end of May and the ice was still present.


Or maybe as Dorothy would have said: “Toto, I have a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore”.

Beaver area

In this surreal landscapes we hiked around, searching for geeky stuff like streams and springs.

Searching for streams

Beaver damm

The Beaver dam appeared to be active, but no signs of beavers running around..

Beaver food

We were jumping over logs, strutting along in the forest

Beaver leftovers

We had been seeing wolf tracks all over the watershed, not in great abundance, but still more than what I had seen previous years. We ended up at this large flat muddy area, with wolf tracks all over the place,

As in Leftover food..:

leftover Moose

 And actual tracks:

Mama wolf

Baby wolf

And I said:

Wolf tracks

– I think this is a Wolf den…

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